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We provide all types of maintenance service of your website from backups, restoration, extend and update features and functionality as well as monitoring server uptime. We perform routine maintenance and updates on the whole project to ensure everything is working correctly.

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  • 2 hour of updates per month
  • Request completed in 48 - 72 hours
  • Basic website analytics
  • Free service consultations
  • Monthly backups
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  • 4 hour of updates per month
  • Request completed in 24 - 48 hours
  • Basic website analytics
  • Free service consultations
  • Monthly backups
  • Uptime monitoring and reports
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  • 6 hour of updates per month
  • Request completed in 24 hours
  • Basic website analytics
  • Free service consultations
  • Weekly backups
  • Uptime monitoring and reports
  • SEO reports
  • Custom reports
$179 / month Start Now
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Maintenance Services

Website Backups

We offer professional website & database backup services. All the backups are stored securely online in repositories that are easily accessed by the client. We also backup all other files used in the creation of the website or web application. All versions of the media assets used in creating the projects are stored in the cloud for secure and easy access.

Software Updates

As part of the website maintenance services we ensure that the security and performance of our websites and web applications are met by always keeping the frameworks, software and tools up-to-date. We keep different version of each tool to ensure we can downgrade if necessary, making the whole process a fast and reliable process. The benefits of keeping the software to date are numerous. With each version updated the tools used will benefit from bug fixes, performance enhancements and security fixes.

Content Maintenance

Radra Solution provides training in the most popular content management systems. We teach and help your staff understand the best practices for content management. Also, we perform readability tests, check spelling and test that the content is displayed correctly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Our team also performs checks on all assets images and other media to make sure it is optimized for web. Maintaining the websites content should be considered a top priority for each website.

Check for Broken links

We perform automated tests to check for any broken links on the website. Both internal and external links are verified to ensure that they redirect to the expected page and also that no 404 errors are found. We perform this check regularly and log all issues found in specialized tools. All broken links found are fixed immediately. Maintaining a website with no broken links also has a positive impact on SEO.

Site Speed

Website Maintenance is an important step in the life of any website. We perform regular check and optimization to improve the websites speed. We constantly optimize the assets loaded and reduce the number of request to provide an enjoyable user experience by loading each page in a timely manner. Website speeds actually impact the search rankings, so taking time each month in the website maintenance process to improve load speed is essential.

404 Error Checks

Big part of any website maintenance process is making sure that all pages and assets are displayed. If pages are moved a redirect should be setup so the content is still available for users. We maintain all pages and assets and fix any issue we encounter. By having an error free website, we give the users the best possible experience.

Analytics Reports

Website maintenance is also looking and finding new ways to improve and optimize the website. We offer detailed reports with information about how the users interacts with your website. This will help you to better understand sections that are working and the ones that do not. This will also help you better see the website results as a whole and the general impact it has on your business. The detailed reports will contain information about the audience, demographic, behavior, technology, conversion and content just to name a few.

Search Engine Optimization

All digital assets are analyzed to ensure they are optimized for search engines. Elements considered are web pages, images, location data, feeds, video, news, blogs, social media and more. The assets are optimized to rank high with search engines as well as compel customers to engage, respond and convert.

Site Functionality

Website maintenance focuses on testing the sites major functionality regularly to make sure it functions correctly. In our test we check website forms, emails, social media, websites products and all other major aspect of the website. This will ensure that any error found will be fixed with minimal impact on the website.

Security Scans

Security is another important process in website maintenance as it could lead to website attacks, downtimes, corrupted or leaked data if not done correctly. We perform manual and automated checks to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities found. Any issues found will be logged, the client notified and the fixing of the issue will become the highest priority.

Monthly Website Review

Manual website maintenance or a review where we analyze the whole website looking at performance, speed, content engagement, visits, load times and more. Based on the data collected and measured we create a list of improvements that can be further implemented to increase the website results. This list is then provided to the client and discussed to find the best solutions available.

Uptime Monitor

Things can sometimes go wrong and a website can crash due to code or server errors. When this happens an email alert will be sent notifying you about the crash. Once the website is back up another email will be sent with the time it was unavailable. We have powerful monitoring and alert system to ensure that immediate response is given for any website that is down.

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Manage Websites


Take existing websites and change and update the website text, images and media. Add new pages or remove existing ones. We create content that is optimized for SEO to drives traffic to your website.

Radra Solutions will keep the website up-to-date and engaging for the users

We are experienced with multiple programming languages and frameworks and are certain we can maintain any existing website.

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Extend Websites


Extend your website or application with new features, better UI / UX, security or increased performance. With specialized tools we can analyze the application or website to determine exactly what is needed to improve the website.

An advanced understanding of the systems that are used in creating the software is what allows us to extend any application or website

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Redesign / Refactor Websites

Redesign / Refactor

We also take existing software and rethink the architecture and design to the latest trends. Our re-worked software will contain the base application that will be enhanced with better user interface (UI / UX), performance, security and features.

Allow us to demonstrate what we can do. Book this service for more information.

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