We don`t jump on to use the latest and greatest technologies but weigh each option to find the one that best fits our needs for each project. We are selecting only technologies that we have great experience with. Radra Solution has used in the past some of the most popular and performant tools, frameworks and technologies to ensure we build the perfect solution for our clients.

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Commonly Used Technologies

When it comes to implementing technologies, we think outside of the box and we use the most popular and powerful tools available so your software is user and developer-friendly. Build with security and performance in mind we create custom software and web applications specifically designed for your business.

Microsoft Azure

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in working with Microsoft`s Azure. We develop and host most of our applications on Azure and have created from simple websites to complex applications with databases and cloud storage. It serves us well in all the tasks we undertake and it can be the solution for your business as well.

Amazon Web Services

Radra Solutions has worked and maintained applications which where hosted on AWS. We have developed professional capabilities in using, configuring and maintaining the applications on Amazon Web Services. Just as with Microsoft Azure, AWS is a state of the art on-demand cloud computing platform.


Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with Microsoft’s .NET Framework that covers most industries and includes development on web applications, Windows and Web services, client-server systems and desktop applications.

SQL Server

Our experience of SQL Server database development dates back to day one. Radra Solutions offers custom SQL development services including database architecture, database design, optimization, maintenance, auditing, support, SSIS development, reporting, data warehousing and more.


With PHP being one of the most widely used programming languages for web development, we have used it for most of our web project to become experts in the use of PHP. It is a language that is extremely versatile and can be used to build applications of all shapes and sizes. We use PHP either native or in conjunction with popular PHP frameworks live CodeIgniter, Laravel and many other tools and plugins.


Paring PHP with MySQL to create advanced web applications that deliver results. We are experienced using MySQL to perform all major development services like database architecture, data design, maintenance, support, reporting and more.


We have developed many websites using WordPress. Our experienced team has worked in creating and customizing widgets, plugin and extending the default functionality. We also further optimize the framework to make it more secure and improve performance. WordPress Admin section we customize to the needs of the clients, remove all the clutter and show only what is needed.


Important tool for every project, we continue to use Git as our main version control system designed to handle project with speed and efficiency. It helps us keep different version and make collaborating on a project so much easier


Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is considered one of the three essential technologies of content production for the web, alongside CSS and HTML. Because all modern web browsers support JavaScript without any additional plugins or add-ons, our expert developers are especially skilled in design and implementation of this language not only on the web, but for other applications as well, such as server-side JavaScript platforms.


jQuery allows web developers to ‘write less, do more’. This scripting language allows for cross-browser compatibility and easier development of complex functionality. It is highly adaptable with wide array of plugin and widget possibilities. CSS taps into jQuery for many of our web applications and are well equipped to utilize it for your custom web solution.


Angular, created by Google, is an open-source JavaScript framework. Angular excels for web applications that involve data-intensive interfaces and client-side manipulation. Supplementing Angular projects with MVC & MVVM paradigms can allow for a quicker development of complex applications.


We use this feature-rich front-end development framework to design beautiful, responsive UI / UX. It has become increasingly popular for developers over the years because of its ease-of-use and excellent support. The greatest benefits is the ease of use and the ability to develop complex responsive interfaces fast and consistently thru out the project.

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We use advanced technologies to create powerful yet simple software and web applications that are easy to maintain. The applications built are scalable to fit to your exact specifications

This are just some of the main technologies we use but are continually learning new technologies that increase our abilities to always provide the best results.

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