Web sites are unfortunately prone to security risks. And so are any networks to which web servers are connected. Setting aside risks created by employee use or misuse of network resources, your web server and the site it hosts present your most serious sources of security risk.

We consider web security to be crucial in developing a website or web application. Even if we work with other 3rd party tools or frameworks like the popular WordPress CMS, we modify and secure the software by adding login attempt count, 2 step authentication, visit logs, uptime monitoring, secure backups and more.

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Website security scan


We perform regular website and software scans to detect any vulnerabilities & malware. In securing a website or application the best defense is prevention but performing regular checks are crucial. Monitoring and scanning provides detailed reports about the status of the application.

Securing websites and application is an important factor to consider in even the smallest project.

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Web Security


Our security workflow covers all major software areas like keeping software up to date, SQL injection, XSS, server and forms validation, passwords, file uploads and web protocols. Depending on the website or application architecture we add specialized tools to ensure the website is protected from attack.

Studies show that 86% of websites contain at least one "serious" vulnerability.

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Security Standards

We perform regular database backups, to ensure data is regularly saved
Running latest version of the used framework and tools
SSL to encrypt data
Monitor website up time. Automated email notification in case the website is down
Recovery plan for each project in case of attack
Secure servers with up-to-date software
Regular scanning with specialized tools

Password control

All password are encrypted. They are not viewable by the administrator
Per request we implement 2 step authentication using Google Authenticator for the website administrator and staff.
Protection against brute force attack. Block the user after few incorrect login attempts
We use HTTPS protocol
Enforce strong passwords
Constant updates and security patches

Website recovery


We perform regular website, application and database backups. Our team is ready to recover any attacked or infested software. Having a well set plan in case of any security attack is a must.

Security hacks can be very costly to your business. Let us help in creating a plan that will ensure the website or application is restored as soon as possible

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What We Offer

Contact us today and we will provide a free analysis of your websites security.

We will advise as what are the steps necessary to secure the data and make the website fast and secure for your users.

We look forward to hear from you!

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